Friday, October 9, 2009

When did a judge ever give a verdict before hearing a case?

John Aspden, Chief of the IoM Financial Supervision Commission, spoke these smug words on Manx Radio yesterday: "lets be realistic the bank did not collapse because of any wrong doing at this end". Predictably he puts all the blame somewhere else other than the Isle of Man.

Mr.Aspden can be likened to a judge who gives a verdict before hearing the evidence in a case, except that judges would not dream of doing what Mr.Aspden does with such alacrity.

The Isle of Man government dared not allow this investigation to be conducted by an independent body because such a body would have wanted to view the facts objectively & openly, and would have reached a decision based on the evidence and not on the need to have a predetermined outcome as a political expedient to save the sinking reputation of the Isle of Man.

The overwhelming evidence about to be put to the Select Committee will make it clear that Mr. Aspden is deluding himself. In the light of that evidence it is going to have to do some clever mental gymnastics to make their findings fit Mr.Aspden's absurd claim.


  1. Me thinks if the inquiry does an honest job smartipants Aspden will be weighed & found wanting as his outfit backed the directors who screwed up big time. Its not likely to happen because the confidence behind his statement confirms this island is run by crafty nepotists with whom he is in league

  2. It's the arrogant smugness of the man that gets right up my nose. There is just something altogether nasty about the way this island conducts its business.