Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tony Brown, IoM Chief Minister, conceals his contingency plans

Tony Brown, Chief Minister of the isle of Man, stated on Manx Radio [listen to short replay clip here] that a revision of the VAT sharing agreement will have a significant impact on the Isle of Man, but stressed that the government has contingency plans in place should this happen. Why does he keep them secret? Ooops! silly question — the IoM has been shown by research to be only 17% transparent, [pdf file here] so Tony Brown conveniently choses to keep secret those contingency plans.

Following the fallout of the international financial volcanic eruption of 2008, the offshore game play continues with unwary international depositors being the piggy in the middle. The offshore financial centres of the British Crown dependencies are no longer places that expats & others should trust with their life savings. If they are already ‘in’ on the Isle of Man they should get out quick before the illusionary IoM golden cookie crumbles into sand, as this video warns view here

32 videos by dispossessed depositors are spreading this message throughout the world: DON'T BANK ON THE ISLE OF MAN as it could seriously damage your wealth, ruin your health, & take away everything for which you have worked. To view what they say see here

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  1. I found don't bank on the Isle of Man whilst Googling for the best place to put my retirement money. I thought maybe it was peeved depositors saying this out of anger but 2 banks I contacted would not answer the questions I asked so I am not taking any risks with my money.