Friday, August 28, 2009

It's time to open Pandora's box in respect of Kaupthing UK

Prior to October 2008 KSFIoM directors transferred over half the bank’s assets from Kaupthing hf (Iceland) to KSFUK where they were subsequently lost in administration. The High Court making the administration order did so with an accompanying sealed court order.

Knowing what we do now following the leaks concerning Kaupthing hf it is time these sealed orders were opened so that all can see what possible machinations there may be in respect of the KSFUK’s accounts. We already know from the receiver that they are complex & difficult to unravel which is not surprising as he says investigations extend to the Cayman Islands.

Is it possible that there may have been coverup in respect of the KSFIoM bank immediately prior to that bank losing its licence in October 2008? There’s still too much secrecy in this dreadful Kaupthing affair. It is time that Pandora’s box be opened!

See Wikileaks on 'What ugly secrets are waiting to be exposed?' : here

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