Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Where there is unfairness & irresponsibility we have got to act" - Prime Minister

These were Gordon Brown's own words today. The DAG will be jumping on his tail afresh, because the Kaupthing depositors have been treated unfairly compared to depositors in other Kaupthing banks in Europe. Furthermore, there has been gross irresponsibility on the part of the IoM Financial Supervision Commission.

The IoM is a British Crown Dependency, its citizens are British Subjects and thousands of British people have deposited their life savings in the Island. The Ministry of Justice has a responsibility to ensure that the IoM government comes into line with UK & pan-European policy to safeguard deposits in its banks.

The Prime Minister has said: "the global financial crisis needs a global solution", & he has made it clear that part of that solution is to ensure that people's savings are truly safe in the banks where they have been placed. That must include the Crown Dependency of the Isle of Man.

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  1. Gordon Brown also said "that no British saver would loose their savings because of the collapse of the Icelandic Banking System", but many thousands of British Citizens in the Crown Dependancy of the Isle of Man stand to loose their life savings- due in a large part to the UK Governments actions in freezing Icelandic assets in the UK. Gordon Brown also said on the 20th Oct 2008, "people must have confidence when they go to their banks that their savings are safe and secure" was it his intention that this only applied to some British citizens? Or was it just an oversight?